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New Behaviours that can challenge course added to open course schedule

Due to popular demand for this course from our in-house training customers, we thought that we would add an open course in Behaviours that can challenge. This course looks at different types of behaviours that can challenge, why they may perhaps challenge and proactive strategies to address this.

This session is 3.5 hrs long and content includes:

- What is meant by behaviours that challenge?

- Elements that bring about behaviours that challenge

- Legislation, framework, policies & procedures and guidelines

- Types of behaviours

- The impact of behaviours on others

- Concerns & difficulties that may contribute to behaviours that challenge

- Proactive & reactive strategies

- Levels of behaviour

- Communication

- Accurate recording

- Learning from experience.

The cost of this session is £50pp - for more information or to book, get in touch on 01508 447311

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