Dementia Awareness

Suitable For

Anybody who wants to improve their knowledge of Dementia, cares for people with Dementia or knows somebody who is living with Dementia and they want to be able to know how to best support this person. 

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  • What is dementia? 

  • Common misconceptions 

  • Structure of the brain 

  • Understanding of well-being 

  • Feelings of people living with dementia 

  • Positive interactions and the impact of self esteem 

  • Understanding supportive communication 

  • life history 

Experiential = We have a GERT age simulation suit that we can use on  this course as can be seen in the image. This is weighted and simulates what it may be like to live in an ageing body. We also have sensory aids such as specialised glasses and ear defenders which provide an insight for delegates. 


3.5 hours 

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