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Manual Handling Induction (Of People)

Suitable For

This course is ideal for anybody who may support another person to move.


This could include a range of movements from pushing somebody in a wheelchair to transferring another person using a hoist. 

This course tends to be popular for carers. 

The induction course is ideal for individuals who have not completed a Manual Handling of people training course previously, have done so more than 18 months ago, or lack confidence. 


  • Manual handling of equipment and inanimate objects

  • Basic & complex movements

  • Causes of back pain

  • Spinal anatomy, structure and function

  • Manual handling regulations and legislation ​​

  • Principles of moving and handling

  • Equipment (Hoists, Stand Aids, Glide Sheets etc) 


6 Hours

Open Courses 

At present we have no open dates scheduled for this course

Group cOST

£480 for up to 12 delegates

Open cOURSE cost


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