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First aid training in ipswich, suffolk

Trust Anglian Training to master the first aid training in Ipswich, Suffolk. We understand that emergency first aid training at the workplace is an integral course to ensure the safety of the employees. Our first aid courses are exactly designed to save lives and reduce people’s suffering at the workplace across Ipswich, Suffolk.

Our various accredited courses are registered with Highfield Awarding Body and The First Aid Industry Body to make you a confident first aider. We perform risk assessments at your workplace to identify the possible hazards and help you choose the best suitable first aid course accordingly. 

We are the leading first aid training providers at Ipswich and Suffolk using cutting-edge medical equipment such as choking vests, QCPR manikins, and training adrenalin auto-injectors. Our training courses range from basic first aid awareness from scratch to advanced level vital knowledge of all major and minor emergencies and CPR at the workplace.

Our commitment to quality standards makes us unique across the UK. Build your confidence and skills for first aid with us at your workplace premises in Ipswich and Suffolk or our chosen venues.

Some of the major first aid training courses offered by Anglian Training in Ipswich and Suffolk comprise variable training levels and credit hours, including;

Basic First Aid Awareness

Emergency First Aid at Work

Emergency First Aid at Work (Adapted to schools to include all ages)

First Aid at Work

First Aid at Work requalification

Paediatric First Aid

Emergency Paediatric First Aid

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