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Adult Mental Health First Aid (Mental Health England Accredited)


Suitable For

This course is suitable for anybody looking to gain an awareness of Mental Health and qualify as an Adult Mental Health First Aider. This is a Mental Health England Accredited course.  


16 Hours


  • Session 1 

    • Why Mental Health First Aid?

    • Mental Health First Aid action plan

    • What is mental health?

    • impact of mental health issues

    • Stigma & Discrimination

    • What is depression? Symptoms & Risk factors 

    • Depression in the workplace  

  • Session 2 

    • Suicide figures​

    • Alcohol, drugs and mental health 

    • First aid for suicidal crisis

    • Non-judgemental listening skills

    • First aid for depression

    • Treatment and resources for depression

    • Self-care

ContenT COnt. 

  • Session 3

    • Session 3

    • What is anxiety disorder?

    • First aid for anxiety disorders

    • Crisis first aid after a traumatic event

    • Alcohol, drugs and anxiety disorders

    • Treatment & resources

    • Cognitive distortions & CBT

    • Personality disorders

    • Eating disorders

    • Self-harm  

  • Session 4

    • What is psychosis?

    • Risk factors for psychosis

    • Alcohol, drugs and psychosis

    • Schizophrenia

    • Bipolar disorder

    • Warning signs of developing psychosis 

    • Crisis first aid for acute psychosis

    • Treatment and resources for psychosis 

    • Recovery and building resources 

    • Action planning for using MHFA

Group cOST

Get in touch for in-house pricing for up to 16 delegates

Open cOURSE cost

£275pp + VAT

Open Courses 

All of the sessions are currently being held virtually

23rd & 24th October 

9th & 10th November 

21st & 22nd November 

6th & 8th December 

18th & 19th December

9th & 10th January 

25th & 26th January 

7th & 8th February

20th & 22nd February 

13th & 14th March 

19th & 21st March

09:00am - 17:00pm

£275pp + VAT

1 day MHFA Refresher

19th October

2nd November 

14th November 

30th November 

12th December 

21st December

15th January 

30th January

9th February

23rd February

5th March

18th March

£125 + VAT pp

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