GSA Approved Breakaway & Personal Safety

Suitable For

Anybody who may need to know how to breakaway safely from a service user. 


  • Legislation

  • The causes & build up of an attack

  • Actions to avoid being restrained or attacked

  • Safely disengage from being held

  • Safely disengage another person from being held

  • Avoid & defend kicks and punches

  • Post incident actions

  • Record keeping & de-briefing

Will include wrist grabs, clothing grabs, release from hair pull, strangles, headlocks, bites and scratches, kicks and punches + can also include release from bear hug and floor based breakaways where required 


7 hours

Open Courses 

We do not currently have any open breakaway courses planned 

Group cOST

Get in touch for a quote for up to 12 delegates 

Open cOURSE cost

We currently do not have any open courses 

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