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ADHD Awareness

Suitable For

This course is suitable for anybody who would like to know more about ADHD. 


  • What is ADHD

  • Seperating facts & myths

  • Recognising the difference between ADHD & ADD & overlap

  • Identifying ADHD & ADD

  • How the executive functions effect the ADHD Brain

  • Defence mechanisms 

  • ADHD Experience

  • Assessment of ADHD

  • Diagnosis of ADHD

  • Medication & side effects

  • Strategies to support in the classroom/ workplace

  • Increasing concentration & focus

  • Triggers


This course duration can either be a 3.5 or 6 hour sesion

Open Courses 

Unfortunately this is not one of the sessions that we run an open course for. 

Group cOST

Please get in touch for cost 

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